🚀 Update 🚀 

#FouadWhatsApp iOS V8.95

📆 19-09-2021

📢 PLEASE DO A CLEAN INSTALLATION, we have changed the signature for another developer signature verified by Google (This to avoid the play protect message that the app is not trustworthy). Don't forget to make your local backup.

🏷 Base:

🔷 MB VIP v2 has been released

🔷 New option added to hide the contact or group information, pressing for 2 seconds on the profile photo (if you don't understand, a guide will appear when opening a conversation)

🔷 Quick contact redesigned

🔷 Added Row sizer v2

🔷 Improved message counter, now it will count all chats and groups, even if they are separated

🔷 conversation row will be adaptable by resizing itself

🔷 The status view screen has been redesigned

🔷 The contact and group information screens have been redesigned.

🔷 The dialog for downloading a status has been redesigned

🔷 Attach redesigned

🔷 Download status dialog has been redesigned

🔷 Reply interface has been redesigned

🔷 Settings have been redesigned

🔷 Many interface improvements

🔷 Now when you receive an update, you will be redirected to the package you have installed.

🔷 Added option to hide message counter

🔷 Added option to block WhatsApp Web

🔷 Added option to always show archived chats  

🔷 Other things that I forgot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

🛑 Fixed:

🔺 couldnt see the played audios in the main screen.

🔺 MB Preferences Fixed for android 5 (not tested)

🔺 Other fixeds that I forgot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

🔸 Some fixes in the interface

☑️ Misc Many other fixes and improvements

🪲 Any bug? report it @mbmods_bot

👑 You want to be a VIP member? contact us @mbdonate_bot


By stefanoYG 

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